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The best time to list your home

Investing, investment, real.
Investing, investment, real.

The buying season this year will offer 9 percent fewer homes than last year. Having your home listed in early May can guarantee that your home will be sold out 18 days faster and will probably sell higher than having your listing on a later month.

Buyer-desperation is strongest in May, which will result to buyers willing to pay more for their purchase. In the past years, particularly 2011 and 2012, the month of March is the best time to sell because there was lesser buyer competition back then. But the succeeding years saw a build-up of buyer competition which made May a better time to sell in 18 out of the 25 largest metropolitan housing markets.

Although the housing market is more competitive today than it was several years ago, this shouldn’t lead sellers to be complacent. The competition will urge buyers to be more knowledgeable when it comes to buying their homes. They are more aware of the possibility of a bidding war for them to purchase a good home although they would still be unwilling to overpay, in spite of this.

With this, as a home seller you must not be overconfident with details given that the market is in your favor. You still need to hone and execute your listing strategy well. This is critical for you to maximize your home’s price and time on the market.

Now, your question remains, when exactly should you least your home that would be most favorable to you? According to Redfin, the best day to list your home is on a Thursday. Based from observations, homes that were listed on Thursday were sold faster, above list price and for more money on average than similar homes listed on another day. Potential buyers are already setting their mind to go shopping over the weekend, that’s why listing on Thursday is the best time. A listing dome on Saturday, Sunday and Monday is the worst move that you’ll ever make when it comes to selling your home.