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Dallas’ Real Estate Revolution

The flow of traffic both on the ground and in the air is a testament to the progress that Dallas is currently experiencing.  Industrial and commercial property developments are bustling in the county.

Dallas’ close-in airport is attracting more developments in the real estate industry. Apartments are being built in the area given its proximity to the DART station.

Developer Jorge Ramirez’s West Love project will build around 368 units during its first phase of construction. The apartments and townhouses will be an addition to two new hotels, an office building and a shopping center at Mockingbird and Maple Avenue.

Although tons of apartments are rising in the area, Ramirez’s apartment is set to stand-out because it will cater what the community needs, which other apartments failed to deliver. The apartment is set to be very pedestrian-oriented and retail will be low profile.

Another Dallas developer, KDC is set to build the largest office building in the history of Love Field. The company will take advantage of the need for office buildings in Dallas’ market. The office will be constructed adjacent the new apartments and hotels, which the company considers is the heart of the site. KDC’s office building is a cheap alternative to office spaces located in Uptown or Preston Center.

Atlantic Hotel Group, on the other hand, will build two hotels on Mockingbird Lane. The company is set to construct a $49 million 8-story hotel with 244 rooms. Aside from this, the company has projects in East and West Dallas.

Another developer and investor, Viceroy Investments will renovate their Doubletree Hotel situated on Mockingbird. The company will spend around $2.5 to refurbish the hotel’s lobby and public places.

The different infrastructure developments in Dallas are a positive sign of new markets opening up in the county. Developers and investor who are keen with the changes will be able to take advantage of opportunities for the growth of their businesses.