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How to decorate a child’s room


A theme will guide you as you begin to decorate the room. You must choose a theme where you will center the furnishings and decorations.

You can decide to go for a character theme or something as simple as two coordinating colors.The most popular motif parents choose is a cloud motif.

It can be achieved by painting the room sky blue then sponge-painting some clouds near the ceiling afterward. A jungle theme is also a good choice, where you can just paint trees and grasses on the walls. For an additional effect, you can outlay the room with stuff baby jungle animals.

To create a good decorating scheme bear in mind to limit patterned fabrics to three or four. Choose neutral colors to even out the bright tones. To personalize the room further, let your child choose a fabric, painting or print that he/she likes. Use that as the basis for your decoration to coordinate the overall effect of the room. Make sure the motif is evident all throughout the room to make it consistent.

For the furniture, choose a classic one which will be useful in the future and soothes the room’s theme. To make the room burst will color, paint the bedposts or install new hardware on the room’s dressers and side tables.

You can also fill the room with items that reflect your child’s interests or hobbies. For a child who loves to dance and dreams to become a ballerina someday, you can hang ballet slippers or tap shoes on decorative hooks along the wall. You can also use photographs to decorate the place. If your child likes traveling and loves maps, you can also decorate the room with maps and globes. A black and white photo is good in depicting a pleasant memory and works well with any theme.

You can also fit a mini playground inside the room. You can buy something at a garage sale. This will allow your child hours of fun. To make the play area more fun you can sew small beanbags in fun colors. They can also use this if they want to play hopscotch (stencil the hopscotch pattern ahead in the play area).